Mediation Pricing

We offer special price conditions to organizations that sign a mediation protocol with our company. To know more about this, please contact us.

Terms and conditions (extract)

The mediation session must be fully paid before its scheduled date. Case management fees are not refundable. Travel expenses will be invoiced separately and are not included in the prices displayed here. An additional fee of 10% will be added to any session that ends after 9pm. All prices exclude VAT.

Workplace mediation

Case management fees are 250€. The fees per session are 750€, with a maximum of five hours included. At the end of the five hours, if no settlement has yet been found and if the parties agree to continue the mediation, an additional fee of 600€ will be charged for a second session. Parties have to decide how to share the fees between then prior to the session.

Commercial mediation

Case management fees are 250€ for each party. A session can last up to eight hours with a one-hour lunch break.

Value of the claim or counter-claim
(the biggest applies), if any

Fee per session
per party
Below 15.000€  500€
Between 15.000€ and 500.000€ 750€
Above 500.000€ 950€