Date:  09/July/2014 - 31/December/2016
Location:  Trier
Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves is one of the trainers in the first summer course on Mediation organized by ERA  European Academy of Law em Mediation, ADR and ODR.
Date:  15/March/2012
Location:  On your Law firm offices
A in-house training for lawyers to learn how to successfully monitor and manage the whole process of commercial mediation.
Date:  14/November/2011
Location:  CEDR, 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU
This course aims to educate and equip delegates with the tools to analyse and
understand the brain during mediation and negotiation situations. Understanding the
areas of the brain in terms of specific neural assemblies can result in a better
understanding of the key biological drivers of human social behavior during mediation
and negotiation, providing a whole new perspective on what happens during different
types of ADR proceedings. Having an awareness of the
Date:  01/April/2011
Location:  Cadbury France - 143, boulevard Romain Rolland, Paris 14ème- 8h30
CINERGY Coaching delivers a dynamic, unique and evidence-based model of conflict coaching and training.