Formação à mediação online
Today technology is omnipresent in our lives: we use email to communicate professionally, we use Skype to do video conferencing and we have at our disposal other tools to support and develop our social life. Lawyers and international mediators did not escape to this trend, and started using online technologies for professional purposes as well. Experience and research show that there are differences between online and face to face communication and that an adequate preparation for interacting online not only improves the quality of services provided by professionals but also help them differentiating themselves.

A key challenge for the professionals who want to be global negotiators is to know how to further improve social skills using online technology.
In our Advanced Training Program on Online Mediation and Negotiation, you will learn specific techniques used to engage people in online conversations and online negotiations.

It is an online-based, extensive and practical program which will help you be more effective, motivated, satisfied and engaged in the online world.
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