Our leadership programs are highly customizable. They are designed to help individuals to develop the skills that they need to better manage themselves and better manage their relationships, so that they can turn into collaboration role-models in their organizations.

Positive Leaders – 1st Cycle
The Positive Leader – 1st Cycle program is challenging, meaningful, and often fun. It is an intensive off-site program consisting of three, three-day modules spread over one year. The participant group or “cohort” consists of 12 to 14 participants and remains the same throughout the three-module sequence. This consistency allows for strong bonds of comfort and trust between participants and the facilitator team. More importantly, it generates a strong esprit de corps within the “next generation” of leaders that will provide benefits to the organization for years to come.

Positive Leaders – Advanced Cycle
Our program aims at supporting key individuals in the organization move towards expanded mastery of their own thinking process and behaviour when faced with interpersonal tensions, and challenges in a broader sense, to promote more creative resolutions and positive results.
We strongly believe that to sustain mindset and behaviour shifts over time an approach that integrates new knowledge (through assessments and workshops) and regular practice over time (with coaching) creates more results than one-off events. A complete program covers two areas of development, self-awareness/management and interpersonal collaboration skills, and typically looks like what follows:

Self-awareness/management track:

Interpersonal collaboration skills track:

Advanced skills in Coaching
A custom program to become SECA & ICF certified coach, designed for senior managers who want to spread inside the organization the practice of self-management.

Advanced skills in Facilitation
A 4-day workshop to become de Bono’s Thinking Systems facilitator. Designed for Leaders who wish to improve team-working, hold more productive meetings, generate new ideas and solve problems faster, including individually.

Advanced skills in Mediation
A 5-day workshop to become workplace mediator. Designed for anyone wishing to practice as a workplace mediator in both the private and public sectors, HR directors and senior HR personnel, managing directors and line managers, union representatives and policy advisors, in-house legal directors and advisors.

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