Collaboration and diversity systems
Differences of individual perspectives, interests and needs are inevitable inside an organization – they are part of our human nature. As we all know, if those differences are not managed properly, they can easily turn into interpersonal conflicts and disrupt collaboration inside teams, creating a huge financial and emotional toll.

For the last 15 years, various large and medium organizations throughout the world have decided to face the inevitability of conflict in a systemic way, through the design of “conflict management systems”. Convirgente has moved this approach a step further, creating the concept of Collaboration and Diversity System (CDS). In such systems, all issues relative to perspectives, interests and needs are treated constructively, not only in the interpersonal situations, but also inside teams.

A CDS is a combination of processes, training programs, practices and information tools/campaigns that are customized to the specific context, values and strategic objectives of your organization, to maximize the positive impacts of the differences between all of your stakeholders and to develop consistent collaborative behaviors and practices inside all organizational units.

A CDS can be purely internal to your organization, or global, integrating the external stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, partners, etc.

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