Have a look at this image of the railway crossing. Can you see all the possible choices that have the personal and professional level?
Maybe your career is at the intersection ... or even your life?
It is here that Convirgente's team can help - individual coaching, career coaching, executive coaching and more. We use positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and many other tools that will achieve its objectives.

Our coaching will help you:
• Develop a clear sense of the direction you want to go and give you the confidence necessary to succeed in this goal of life;
• Increase your level of certainty in your professional and personal future;
• Understand that you are a unique being with your own values and qualities;
• Expand your leadership abilities;
• Have a greater degree of self-knowledge and "self awareness", look at yourself and be aware of your behaviors;
• Feel motivated and overcome procrastination.
• Develop a sense of purpose and meaning of life.

Clarity, confidence and calm

At the end of the coaching process you will have a clear sense of direction you want to follow and will be confident in the success of you personal and professional goals. You will also know what you need to feel capable and focused in order to overcome the various obstacles more easily.

What our "packages" are:
• Single Session: 1 x 60 minutes - meeting in person or via phone or skype
• 3 sessions: 3 x 120 minutes - biweekly sessions in person or via phone or skype
• 6 sessions: 6 x 120 minutes - biweekly sessions in person or via phone or skype
• 12 sessions: 12 x 120 minutes - biweekly sessions in person or via phone or skype

Read more about our coaching experts here and here and please contact us. Before you begin a process of coaching, you should know the coach. Mutual affinities are a necessary condition of trust and success of the coaching process. We are at your disposal for a conversation about all these issues of personal development.

To determine the project you want to start in coaching, please click on the links below:

Your career have an enormous impact on your happiness ... It is difficult to love life when we do not like our work. This is why we provide coaching career.

If you look for a coach to help you find a new direction, build and develop your confidence and leadership skills, assist you through a career transition or help you with developing interview techniques, we can help you.
Find the time to talk about what's important to you. Formulate a plan and be responsible for the options you chose. The career coaching is a structured coaching program that will ensure that you are developping your career using your full potential, and will help you love what you do to earn your living.

Book a career coaching session to :
• Clarify your objectives of career
• Develop your leadership skills
• Understand how to change careers
• Build confidence where you work now
• Develop your relationship skills
• Develop a "personal marketing plan"
• Improve your relationships at work
• Achieve career goals
• Overcome procrastination
• Manage a role change
• Better manage time
• Create a balance between career and personal life

Development of a specific competence in a minimum of time. For executives who need a pragmatic methodology, based on predetermined objectives and agendas. For instance:
• For those who are essential in creating and maintaining the organization's competitive advantage
• High-performers leaders who simply have gaps in one or two specific skills
• In preparation for a promotion
• The retention of talented leader

This coaching is based on a concrete understanding of the skills necessary for success in positions of leadership and of the specifics of these skills for women. At Convirgente, the coaches chosen for these missions are women who have had during many years some leadership roles in large multinational structures.
Suitable for:
• Women who have functions that are "normally " seen as reserved to men
• Women of a senior organization
• The first woman in a particular function
• Women who are surrounded almost exclusively by men in similar positions
• Women of color or religion different from the majority
• Development of a specific competence in a minimum of time.

Construction of advanced skills of leadership.
Focus on management of different functions, on holistic thinking about the whole organization, in the construction of a unified team with "high individual performers", often with conflicting priorities and agendas, managing the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.
For instance:
• High potentials with plans for succession or new functions
• Leaders promoted to a first senior position
• Leaders who need to develop leadership skills in group
• Very good managers who want to continue their individual progress and achieve personal development at a level higher than they already have.

Convirgente is the exclusive representative in Portugal of the Center for Conflict Dynamics, a division of the "Eckerd College" in the U.S. that has developed a tool to evaluate performance in relation to conflict, the Conflict Dynamics Profile.
This tool consists of a questionnaire with 90 questions whose answers can establish a detailed map of your bevahior in situation of conflict. From the results obtained, your confidential report lets you create a personal development program accompanied by a coach of Convirgente. This program includes the CDP report followed by three sessions of individual coaching.
• Leaders who need to increase their self-awareness of their reactions to situations of conflict
• Leader who wish to promote the development of self-knowledge of rational control of stressful situations
• Anyone wishing to improve in their behavior in conflict situations

Conflict occurs when people find that their values, their needs or their identity are being challenged, threatened or undermined. Conflict Coaching is a structured process, confidential and individual designed to develop skills and knowledge and manage more effectively interpersonal conflicts. Conflict coaching assists the persons in developing new ways of managing their conflicts. Conflict Coaching detects, manages and gets the best out of the creativity that comes from differences in values, identities and needs of each individual, to create added value to the organization.
• For managers, directors, technicians, responsible for sales, or any other employee. Used preventively and reactively.

Preventive action:
• In preparation for a situation perceived as bearing antagonism, to avoid shocks and resulting conflicts
• In preparation for facing situations considered as generating personal stress, in order to reduce the apprehension of the situation and develop  self-confidence;
• In preparation for a difficult negotiation
• In preparing to conduct a meeting as if you are in situation (Skill Play) and managing emotions that could diminish your capacity of leadership

• The resolution of an identifie ddispute;
• The restoration of an interpersonal relationship.

Coaching for expatriates is focusing on all the factors of a specific change in which the leader has to acquire and internalize skills. This coaching is done by Convirgente coachs who have already lived abroad.
This is coaching as a facilitator of transitional work in the new function to obtain faster results; as an aid in order to effectively manage the differences relating to a different culture that needs a better "cultural intelligence"; as a facilitator of new forms of reasoning about the change of life; developping strategies of learning and understanding values, identity, local needs and of resilience to the obstacles that might appear.
• Any employee with new functions of expatriate
• Any employee who is returning to his country of origin
• Managers with responsibilities in different countries