Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a modern way to resolve disputes online by independent professionals. If a customer cannot reach a satisfactory agreement with a retailer, he or she can ask an ODR provider for an independent decision. This option allows customers to receive a fair decision, and retailers to boost their status of a trustworthy business. ODR has become a critical feature of any respectable e-commerce website. With the ongoing growth in on-line business there are millions of unresolved shopper disputes, especially cross-border ones and online trust is a growing concern for consumers. A European regulation that comes into effect in 2015, is calling for all internet retailers to have an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) system in place for consumers. Research shows consumer expectation for a speedy resolution of disputes is growing (with 71 per cent expecting assistance within five minutes, and over half (58 per cent) of UK customers abandoning online sites if this expectation is not met), the need for solutions of this kind is also following suit.

Offering an ODR system to online shoppers not only decreases the costs of handling customer disputes for the online retailer, but also increases trust from shoppers and subsequently their desire to come back to the shop and buy more. Convirgente builds on the ADR skills and customer service expertise of its founders to offer ODR neutral services in English, Portuguese and French. It has recently signed a partnership with Youstice, the leading supplier of multilingual ODR services. Youstice platform offers complaint resolution tools for customers to use to communicate directly with retailers and when necessary, in a couple of clicks, to access online dispute resolvers from Convirgente for quick settlement. Youstice plug-in is already available in all major languages and compatible with various e-commerce platforms.

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